Thursday, August 12, 2010


What's this all about?

Me, Rebecca! Formerly Frigga of Any Apples.

A place for dreams. Dream interpretations and to discuss why we dream. Also some personal posts about me and my life.

At least once a week to start, maybe more depending on real life constraints.

I love blogging. I've entered a new stage of life, marriage, and feel a new blog will do me good. Also, I'm fascinated with dreams and all aspects of dreaming.

I dream, I type
I research, I type
I feel, I type
I imagine, I type
Then I hit "Publish"

My Goals:
I'd like to talk about and interpret my dreams as well as reader submitted dreams. Also, I'd like to discuss ideas about nightmares, the significance of dreams, dream manipulation, astral projection and similar topics.

Any other questions?


  1. Nice new blog! I either don't dream or I never remember them....

  2. Nice dream blog format, Rebecca/Frigga. I will check on it again to watch for your progress. I never did push my dream blog idea and only ever had one dream to interpret. The fellow like what I wrote. His was a recurring dream and I believe he thought my interpretation could be right.

    You visited my blog the day I opened shop on April 4, 2008. Your comment:
    "What a neat idea - I've always been interested in dream interstation but never enough to want to spend 30 bucks on a book - I should so check one out from the library!

    And how sad that you don't have dreams anymore. I recently heard a theory about dreams being the "practice" for events of real life - like it used to be to sharpen our survival skills. Which is why children have nightmares. It was an interesting theory.

    Sorry for such a long comment, I just find the subject fascinating! :-)
    # posted by Blogger FRIGGA

    My post was pushing a book that I borrowed from the library about dream interpretation. Are you using that one now? It seemed good and well researched.

    I hope I was planting a seed that day you read my blog. If so, now please take care, weed the plant and feed and water it now and then. :)

    My latest post was about the dream had last night. It is on my Photo and Poem Place blog for September 10.

  3. I don't know about you - but I like the simple and precise interpreter of dreams -