Sunday, August 22, 2010

There Is A Bomb On The Bus

Originally written May 15, 2008

Yes, it seemed odd to me to. Why was I on public transportation? I avoid it at all costs. Yet, there I was, sitting on the bus. I don't even know where it was going when suddenly an announcement was made. Ala Keanu style. Except the Keanu who announced this bomb wasn't trying to diffuse it, he was the one taking us hostage.

He took us to this remote house in an area that looked like a suburb, with the exception that it was the only house that stood on that block. He had us all pile inside the house and remove our valuables.

That's when we heard the big trucks roll up outside, with flat beds in the back. On these flat beds were big, huge bombs. My mind started racing. They weren't going to let us go. And I didn't have any shoes on.

I somehow managed to sneak upstairs and find a new pair of tennis shoes in one of the bedrooms. Then I rationed that if I had to be in the house when a bomb when off outside, the safest place must be in the shower. (or maybe that's a tornado?) I wasn't alone in this thinking, there was already one other hostage hiding in the shower, and another one who came in behind me. We didn't really talk, we just reassured each other that we were in the best possible place.

We squatted down and waited for the big BOOM! It didn't come. Instead we had our Keanu-like captor come in and order me downstairs and outside. Another captor (I think he was one of the ones who came with the big trucks carrying the big bombs), well he was sitting outside on a lawn chair facing the house. An empty chair sat beside him, that was my seat.


Yay! 5:00am had finally come and my alarm was a welcoming sound. Yes, this is the first Monday morning EVER that I celebrated the alarm clock!!

Yes, I really do have a fear of public transportation. 8-)

What's the scariest dream you've had recently?


  • I'm terrified of public transportation
  • Now, according to"To see a bomb in your dream, indicates that you are going through a potentially explosive situation in your waking life. The bomb could represent repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon.
    To dream that you are unable to disarm a bomb, suggests that your anger is out of control.
    To dream of a bomb threat, suggests that you are experiencing some inner anger and/or pressures which are on the verge of exploding into violence. "
  • I'm not sure what it says about me to dream of Keanu Reeves as a terrorist, or about the shoes, but this was dreamt over two years ago and I'm doing okay :)

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